The 10th event of the MarbleLympics (marble olympic games) 2017, this time the Archery! 
Each team has 4 shots to get the maximum point total. 
The marbles will be launched using a k'nex crossbow and rubber band. 

- It was the intention to do 2 teams per round competing each other, but this system requires too much time in video editing and i have already a backlog after some contradictors in the past weeks.
Therefore, i also go on holiday from 24 August to 17 September, in this period, i will still upload some videos, but i'm not able to check my channel every day. 
- I reuploaded this video after i noticed and corrected some mistakes in the scoring. I accidentally published a beta version a couple of hours before the final version of this video.
- There's are some errors in the standings after the victory ceremony.
   - The reward points are incorrect, i forgot to add extra points for the tied results, but these points are still counted in the general standings.
I deleted and replaced this graphic after the checkups because of corrected mistakes in the scoring.
   - The score of the Savage Speeders in the general standings, it says 143, but it must be 142 points, it will be corrected in the next event.

There's no MarbleLympic Record in this event.

The next event will be an underwater race! (see related videos)

The MarbleLympics are the Olympic Games for marbles where 16 teams of 4 marbles each will compete to win medals.

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For which team are you rooting for?

Wiki: http://marblelympics.wikia.com/


Commentary: Greg Woods (F1FanWoodsie)
Video editing: Jelle Bakker
Grammar and scoring check-ups: TJ Gi, Dion Bakker (my brother) Raymond Hoogervorst and David Brown.

=== Team Momo ===
Team Momo will still participate for the rest of this MarbleLympics. Momomomo is replaced by Mimo.

=== The Marble Master ===
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