http://jlptalk.com Jesse interviews Richard Spencer, co-editor of http://AltRight.com and president of the National Policy Institute (http://npiamerica.org). Richard advocates for white identity politics, but Jesse wishes whites would simply get over fear and stand for what is right, in order to unite America. Richard is an atheist former Episcopalian, closer to his mother than his hard-working ophthalmologist father, and wants to be closer to his father but wants to be close to his kids more than that. Jesse explains that "racism" does not exist, and has never existed. Blacks are disliked today because of their poor culture. But blacks were not always this way, they were more moral during the Jim Crow days in the South, but that disappeared with the Civil Rights Movement, forced busing, etc. Richard says the Alt-Lite is into the edginess, like Mike Cernovich whom Jesse knows, civic nationalists, but they have tension with the Alt-Right because they're not into race (Richard calls them toothless). Caller says American culture is no longer European culture, and talks about black influence on music, language, attitudes, as well as cultural appropriation from American Indians. Richard says that whites are the genius behind America, like the Japanese are in Japan, that whites are supreme. 

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