RICK VED ON FACEBOOK --- TRUMP'S STAFF SAYS TRUMP IS "UNSTABLE" AND "UNRAVELING." SO HE IS GETTING WORSE. RAHU'S TRANSIT IS WORKING. THEY ARE ALSO DISCUSSING THE 25TH AMENDMENT.  I PREDICTED THIS AS RAHU ENTERED HIS TWELFTH HOUSE.  That's the planet of insanity in the house of insanity. Rahu will be there for the next year and a  half making the situation worse and worse. Watch especially for October 26th when Saturn/Shani enters trump's fifth house of Big Return of Karma. This will compound U.S. Political problems and the return of  his bad karma. And don't listen to any "vedic astrologer" who says trump's Jupiter dasha will turn him around. He has been in Jupiter dasha since before his inauguration and he gets worse every day. VEDIC ASTROLOGY IS JYOTISH. BETTER SOUND HERE: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc-news/watch/trump-i-have-everyone-in-the-white-house-1070660163990 


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