Currently, the best men's athletic sock is the Adidas Crew. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest men's athletic socks. Get Discount Here:

1. Adidas Crew - http://fave.co/2vVfjPV
2. Saucony No Shows - http://fave.co/2v8DtZE
3. Gold Toe Cotton Crew - http://fave.co/2vV7YzE
4. Puma Quarter Cut - http://fave.co/2vVaDcG
5. Prince Low Cut - http://fave.co/2v8y0C9
6. Compression Knee Highs - http://fave.co/2v8luT2
7. Fruit of The Loom No Shows - http://fave.co/2vV3Kb6

1. Adidas Crew
The Adidas Crew is designed with a poly-spandex blend that offers 360-degree cushioning from the toe to the calf. The ribbed cuffs pull tight around your shins, providing added warmth along with ventilation. These socks are durable and can be worn throughout the year.
great for rowing and basketball
prevent moisture buildup
adidas logo featured along the cuff

2. Saucony No Shows
Runners, in particular, can benefit from wearing these Saucony No Shows given the heels are lined with a small amount of rubber and spandex filament. The added absorption places less stress on both calves, while a compressed arch promotes circulation throughout the foot.
feature patented ventilation system
polyester keeps feet cool and dry
fabric won't bunch or crease

3. Gold Toe Cotton Crew
If knee highs are your bag, the Gold Toe Cotton Crew offers a snug fit along with a flattened bottom seam, designed for molding to the insoles of a shoe. Combine that with elastic cotton and a well-rounded heel, and these tube whites are a tremendous asset for your foot.
material is soft and breathable
toe seam is reinforced
generally sold in 6-packs

4. Puma Quarter Cut
The Puma Quarter Cut is designed with an innovative blend of style, comfort, and support. This footwear is wear-resistant, and it's meant to be used during taxing workouts. The cuffs can help to prohibit any skin pinching, along with blisters around the back of the foot.
won't wear after repeated washings
available in black or white or gray
tremendous value given the low cost

5. Prince Low Cut
The Prince Low Cut offer a padded bounce for any runner or tennis player. These anklets are smooth and well-crafted around the toe seams, minimizing any risk of blisters, abrasions, or bunching. Their cushioned base keeps the heel and the Achilles tendon well-guarded.
superior shape retention
available for most men's sizes
must be washed at a low temperature

6. Compression Knee Highs
If you're prone to injuries or you work on your feet, these Compression Knee Highs could provide some relief. The double-stitched seams and long cuffs are meant to increase blood flow while reducing lactic acid build-up. These leg sleeves are constricting, yet therapeutic.
fabric is anti-bacterial
come with a free instruction guide
expensive and meant for targeted use

7. Fruit of The Loom No Shows
If you're looking for an economically-priced anklet that's capable of providing great value, Fruit of The Loom No Shows might be a decent fit. These no-shows are made with a soft cotton blend that offers reinforced support throughout the heel, toes, and ball of the foot.
custom-made for casual athletes
sold in low-priced sets of 10
excessive use could result in wear 


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