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Minimalist Running Shoes Review by Tips4Running.com

Running in minimalist running shoes takes some practice.  You have to work on your stride so you are striking the ground correctly.  The three ways that I review here are running barefoot, running in Vibram Five Finger KSO's and running in Saucony Kinvara 2's.  

All three of these methods require a different running pattern than you would normally do with typical running shoes.  The reason is typical running shoes are designed for you to strike the ground with your heel first.  A minimalist shoe doesn't have as much padding, or sometimes none at all.  You have to run with you knees slightly bent when you hit the ground, and you have to let the front of your foot strike first and then the rest of your whole foot.

Your calves and achilles tendon have to be worked into this style of running gradually.  Only go about one minute or 1/4 mile the first time you try this.  The next day, you will probably be sore.  Let your legs build up some strength and then do it again.  Gradually add more time or distance and you'll be a minimalist runner sooner than you think. 


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