In Episode 119 of the Mesh Tongue, I talk about Haglund's Deformity (AKA: Pump Bump). This is different from retrocalcaneal bursitis only that in bursitis it is the bursa which is irritated and not the bone. The problem is they often occur simultaneously and will often respond to the same treatment. Unfortunately true Haglund's deformity more often than not requires surgical intervention if painful. I Point this out to you only because if you are experiencing posterior (behind) heel pain you do need to get checked by a medical professional. This is generally caused by poorly fitting shoes where the heel counter or back of the shoe rubs and irritates the tissues. Things which may help to alleviate symptoms or not make them any worse include wearing open back shoes, icing, stretching, and NSAID medications. Any thoughts? Leave those comments below!

Also please check out http://www.runpainless.com and if you feel this was of value share with your friends, family and training partners...Just don't go hurting yourself to come back. 


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